Jack the Reaper is a fun 16 bit-styled 2D platforming game inspired the Kirby series, where you play a custodian of the dead who must restore the balance of life and death after the moon falls from the sky and screws everything up.

The story is told through well animated cutscenes, full of charm and humour (skippable with ‘Q’).  You travel through the beautifully crafted, vibrant levels sending the dead back where they belong, and getting to the bottom of what caused it to happen it the first place.  As well as your basic attacks, you also have the ability to absorb the defeated enemies soulsKirby-Style, replenishing health and acquiring new abilities and weapons – which can later be combined together to great effect.

It really does hark back to the glory days of 16 bit platforming, with large sprites full of personality and color, challenging gameplay, cool power-ups and epic boss fights.  Don’t fear the Reaper, adore him.

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